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Zulu Summer

Zulu Summer

Directed by Joseph Litzinger, Eric Michael Schrader

A DJ for public radio in Butte, Montana, announces to listeners, 'The Zulus are coming.' And everyone in the small town eagerly awaits the arrival of a Zulu prince from Nongoma, South Africa. What transpires becomes a monumental moment for a cross-cultural exchange. This story, about people from opposite sides of the planet coming together in an attempt to understand and learn from one another, is both vital and urgent in our current global landscape.

An African prince and a small-town, radio DJ from Montana forge an international alliance that will change the lives of people continents apart.

Cast: Prince Sboniso Zulu, Mokai Schux Malope, Nkokhelo Nhlaka Msomi, Dark Sevier, Clark Grant